Apple crushed under Buffalo boots
Can smashed under Ranger boots
Can crush with Buffalo shoes
Soccer shoes vs. toys
24400T vs. toycar
foodcrush under kneehigh boots
K-Swiss Sneakers vs. lemon
foodcrush under her soles
Nike Sneaks vs. toy car
aircraft smashed under her platform boots
clogs vs. toy lorry
flattened egg under her heel
candy under rugged soles
pumpkin vs. Buffalo platform boots
tiny toys destroyed under her wooden sandals
squeezed out under her weight
patent boots vs. oranges
tomato explodes under her dirty soles
toy bus ends under her stiletto
buffalo 24400T vs. toys
cake goo under her kneehigh boots
osiris boots and an orange
egg under wooden slippers
gigantic soles squeeze fruit
collectors toycars end under Iffelmaus
yoghurt can smashed under her boots
stiletto crushes vegetables